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Aldi Backs Iron Brew Jelly Babies

After the successful launch of Golden Caskets Millions Iron Brew Jelly Babies in January, Aldi have announced this week they will be listing the product as part of their core range across 96 Scottish Stores. The product was first launched as part of the supermarkets Next Top Product Award and impressively sold out in less than a month. When asked about the success of the product, Golden Caskets Sales and Marketing Director Sandra Fisher had this to say: “To sell out in less than a month after launching in January was just brilliant, and we are thrilled that the product has returned within Aldi’s everyday range and will again be available across all Aldi Scottish stores.”

The Millions Iron Brew Jelly babies have also caught the attention of the press here in Scotland with articles of the hit product being published in The Daily Record, Glasgow Live and Dumfries and Galloway Whats Going On! Golden Casket are thrilled with the success of the Millions Iron Brew Jelly Babies and hope to continue to see the product thrive.

Millions Big Cover-Up

In March 2021, Golden Casket launched the #MillionsBigCoverUp, a social media campaign created to encourage children to wear face masks. The idea behind the campaign was to ‘make staying safe more fun’ through our fun and colourful mask designs. The Sales and Marketing team distributed 10,000 Millions masks to over 80 stores across the country. Shopkeepers were asked to giveaway the masks free of charge to children, who were then encouraged to take a picture with the mask and post on social media with the help of a parent or guardian. The campaign was set to run for a total of three weeks, with each week offering a Millions hamper as a prize for the best social media post. Not only were the masks distributed across Scottish stores, they were also delivered to the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, Craigmarloch School and Morton in the Community. The children were all very appreciative and loved wearing the masks. The Millions team are delighted that they have been able to encourage kids to stay safe and bring some happiness to what has been a difficult time for us all.

New Millions Strawberry and Bubblegum Squishies

In February 2021, Golden Casket launched another brand new addition to the Millions brand – Millions Strawberry and Bubblegum Squishies! After investing heavily in a state of the art gum and jelly plant a few years ago, it was inevitable jelly lines would be introduced to expand the Millions product range. Millions Squishies are the second jelly line to join the brand after Millions Iron Brew Jelly Babies in January 2021. Millions Squishies are expected to be a huge success and new flavours are already being discussed and developed by the NPD team. Watch this space!

Iron Brew Jelly Babies

In January 2021, The Golden Casket Group launched a brand new addition to the Millions brand – Iron Brew Jelly Babies! After having great success with the award winning Vimto Jelly Babies in 2019, it was only logical to create more to add to the growing product range. The Golden Casket Group launched the Iron Brew Jelly Babies with Aldi Scottish stores as part of their Next Top Product Search in partnership with Scotland’s Food and Drink. The launch was a huge hit due to the unique Iron Brew flavour – famous for being traditionally Scottish!

The Iron Brew Jelly babies come in shelf-ready cases of 10x200g bags ‘ginger’ coloured outers with our feisty Millions character Ron Brew. Iron Brew Jelly Babies are gluten free. The sales team are working hard to sell these into stores nationwide and hope to export to countries outside the UK. Iron Brew Jelly Babies have been an excellent addition to the Millions family and Golden Casket plan to keep the flavour indefinitely.

Ellen’s retirement after 22 years

It is a sad yet exciting start to the new year here at Golden Casket as we say goodbye to of one of our much loved office staff – Ellen McNaul. Ellen has been a committed member of our office and admin function for over 22 years. After joining Golden Casket in 1998, Ellen was quickly found to be an incredibly loyal, trust-worthy and hard-working individual. Ellen found herself being relocated to Glasgow in her previous job and decided she wasn’t keen on the travelling and being away from her family longer than she needed to, so she applied for a job here at Golden Casket and has been here ever since.

Ellen has said the things she will miss most about working at Golden Casket is the ‘family feel’ the workplace, as well as the cheery banter between all her colleagues. Her greatest achievements being getting her full workload finished at the end of each day (which could be quite a challenge), and learning how to work two new computer systems within her time at Casket. Ellen was always up for the challenge of learning new things and admits this was still the case during her final working week. We have been extremely lucky to have Ellen with us for over two decades and she will be sorely missed as part of our team, and most importantly as a friend in the workplace.

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