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Iron Brew Jelly Babies

In January 2021, The Golden Casket Group launched a brand new addition to the Millions brand – Iron Brew Jelly Babies! After having great success with the award winning Vimto Jelly Babies in 2019, it was only logical to create more to add to the growing product range. The Golden Casket Group launched the Iron Brew Jelly Babies with Aldi Scottish stores as part of their Next Top Product Search in partnership with Scotland’s Food and Drink. The launch was a huge hit due to the unique Iron Brew flavour – famous for being traditionally Scottish!

The Iron Brew Jelly babies come in shelf-ready cases of 10x200g bags ‘ginger’ coloured outers with our feisty Millions character Ron Brew. Iron Brew Jelly Babies are gluten free. The sales team are working hard to sell these into stores nationwide and hope to export to countries outside the UK. Iron Brew Jelly Babies have been an excellent addition to the Millions family and Golden Casket plan to keep the flavour indefinitely.

Ellen’s retirement after 22 years

It is a sad yet exciting start to the new year here at Golden Casket as we say goodbye to of one of our much loved office staff – Ellen McNaul. Ellen has been a committed member of our office and admin function for over 22 years. After joining Golden Casket in 1998, Ellen was quickly found to be an incredibly loyal, trust-worthy and hard-working individual. Ellen found herself being relocated to Glasgow in her previous job and decided she wasn’t keen on the travelling and being away from her family longer than she needed to, so she applied for a job here at Golden Casket and has been here ever since.

Ellen has said the things she will miss most about working at Golden Casket is the ‘family feel’ the workplace, as well as the cheery banter between all her colleagues. Her greatest achievements being getting her full workload finished at the end of each day (which could be quite a challenge), and learning how to work two new computer systems within her time at Casket. Ellen was always up for the challenge of learning new things and admits this was still the case during her final working week. We have been extremely lucky to have Ellen with us for over two decades and she will be sorely missed as part of our team, and most importantly as a friend in the workplace.

Kantar Table

We received some great news regarding our beloved Buchanan’s brand in September this year. The brand has moved up 11 places in the Kantar Scottish Brand Footprint 2020 rankings, now at 17th position which is an astonishing jump from last year’s ranking of 28th. We are extremely proud of this achievement and of the staff that have worked so hard to get the brand to where it is today. We hope that we can carry this success onto next year and continue to strive for even greater things for the Buchanan’s brand moving forward.  

Celebrating 60 years of Golden Casket

In 2019 The Golden Casket Group celebrated 60 years in businessStarting from humble beginnings our company has grown massively over the last 60 years – creating some of the worlds most recognised confectionery brands along the way. 

The Golden Casket Group was founded in 1959 by Douglas Rae, back when sweets were less than 6p per quarter and milk was 4p per pint. Douglas set out with £100 in his pocket and formed his own limited company to market confectionery. Within 5 years, three full-time sales staff had been engaged so that full coverage of Scotland could be offered to companies seeking an exclusive confectionery distributor for ScotlandGrowth continued and by 1968 Douglas Rae had 12 salesmen operating in central Scotland giving an annual turnover of just over £500,000. The Golden Casket Group turned its attention to manufacturing confectionery after the Fuller’s takeover in 1971 which seen the York plant being transferred to Greenock. Turnover continued to increase due to the successful acquisition of many other companies such as; Buchanan’s Of Scotland, Gilda BV, Drysdale & Gibb, Hills of Hawick and Caramel House ltd.  

In 1990, a new product range called ‘Millions’ was born, the tiny tasty chewy sweets, available in multiple different flavours became an instant success. Through innovative marketing and presentation the Millions brand is continuing to grow in today’s market place. TV campaigns, a website, licensing opportunities and more have helped towards the growth of the Millions brand, Sandra Fisher, Sales and Marketing Director has been responsible for much of this growth. Simultaneously with the introduction of Milllions, another product range which also prospered was Half Pounders, formerly known today as £OnePounders 

Over the years, the turnover of The Golden Casket Group has increased and is now one of the most successful confectionery companies and the largest in Scotland. This is due to the constant investment in new machinery & product development. Innovation has always been at the heart of The Golden Casket Group and it is the marrying of tradition and modernity that is the key to our success.  

Douglas remained at the helm for 58 years before retiring. His son Crawford, now the Managing Director, his son-in-law Dave Finch, Operations Director and three grandchildren, Stuart, Martin and Carly all playing key roles within the business. Our staff, many with over 20 years’ service, will tell you that ‘the Casket’ has a family feel to it, that sense of belonging and of family values which is well known in the confectionery industry. The mix of old and new; perfect ingredients to ensure The Golden Casket Group will keep growing for years to come and continue to delight consumers all over the world. 

The Grocer – Best New Product Award

In 2019, the Golden Casket won the prestigious ‘Grocer – Best New Product Award’ for our juicy Vimto Jelly Babies. The Grocer New Product Awards is an annual event which rewards outstanding innovation in the UK FMCG sector in both non-food and food categories. This event is the place to be to learn about all the latest and greatest innovations that have hit the shelves in the last 14 months.

The Golden Casket started working with Vimto as a licensing partner in 2017 and led to the creation of Vimto Millions which has since went on to become an extremely popular addition to the brand. After a successful partnership with the Millions brand, Golden Casket was eager to create another original Vimto product to add to their portfolio – hence Vimto Jelly Babies was born.

Vimto Jelly Babies were launched in 2018 and went on to sell over 20 million units, making them one of Golden Caskets best-selling lines throughout 2019 and 2020. Sandra Fisher, Sales & Marketing director at The Golden Casket Group, had this to say when asked about the success of the line “Given the difficulties we have faced this year as a confectionery manufacturer and distributor, tonnes of Vimto Jelly babies have been sold and eaten, in fact over 700,000 bags! This clearly shows Vimto Jelly Babies hold a firm place in the market and I can only hope the success of this line continues throughout the coming years”. Vimto Jelly babies were nominated for The Grocers New Product Award in 2019, in the Confectionery category. They took the top spot after experts said they were a “well-executed combo of two classics”.

Golden Caskets Vimto Jelly Babies are suitable for those with a halal diet and currently available to buy in most wholesalers such as; Booker Makro, Hancocks, Bestway/Batley and Nisa, National stores such as; Lidl and Wilkinsons, and some independent retailers.

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