It is a sad yet exciting start to the new year here at Golden Casket as we say goodbye to of one of our much loved office staff – Ellen McNaul. Ellen has been a committed member of our office and admin function for over 22 years. After joining Golden Casket in 1998, Ellen was quickly found to be an incredibly loyal, trust-worthy and hard-working individual. Ellen found herself being relocated to Glasgow in her previous job and decided she wasn’t keen on the travelling and being away from her family longer than she needed to, so she applied for a job here at Golden Casket and has been here ever since.

Ellen has said the things she will miss most about working at Golden Casket is the ‘family feel’ the workplace, as well as the cheery banter between all her colleagues. Her greatest achievements being getting her full workload finished at the end of each day (which could be quite a challenge), and learning how to work two new computer systems within her time at Casket. Ellen was always up for the challenge of learning new things and admits this was still the case during her final working week. We have been extremely lucky to have Ellen with us for over two decades and she will be sorely missed as part of our team, and most importantly as a friend in the workplace.