Millions – the tiny tasty chewy sweets were invented by Douglas Rae, founder of Golden Casket, in 1991 and are still a family favourite to this day. The Millions name is recognised world-wide and products can be found internationally which is impressive for a family run business founded in a small town on the West of Scotland.

The brand never stands still, our sales and marketing team are constantly thinking about new flavours and pack innovations to keep building the brand. The latest addition to the brand being the new Watermelon Millions range and the expansion of our Millions jelly lines. You’ll find Millions products in tubes, jars, shakers and hanging bags.

Millions are all about inclusivity and want to ensure people from all walks of life are able to experience the amazing taste of the tiny tasty chewy sweets. Therefore, when creating new flavours and products, we ensure where possible they are friendly to a vegetarian, vegan, kosher and halal diet. Although not all products and flavours fall under all these categories, Millions ensure there is at least something for everyone.

Millions are available to buy in most independent retailers, wholesalers and national supermarkets across the UK. If you would like to stock the Millions brand please contact us at





Blackcurrant Buzz




Iron Brew



Millions Product Range
Millions 55g & 60g Tubes
Millions 45g & 40g Tubes
Millions £1 Bags
Millions Chews
Millions Shakers
Millions Taper Jars
Millions Jelly Range
Millions Weigh Out Jars
Millions Jelly Babies
Millions Squishies

Golden Casket started working with Vimto as a licensing partner in 2017 and led to the creation of Vimto Millions which has since went on to become an extremely popular addition to the brand. Vimto Millions are available in many pack formats such including, 30 pack tubes, 12 pack tubes, gift jars, £1 bags and weight out jars. In 2022 Vimto went through a rebrand and Vimto Millions products got a brand new look.