In March 2021, Golden Casket launched the #MillionsBigCoverUp, a social media campaign created to encourage children to wear face masks. The idea behind the campaign was to ‘make staying safe more fun’ through our fun and colourful mask designs. The Sales and Marketing team distributed 10,000 Millions masks to over 80 stores across the country. Shopkeepers were asked to giveaway the masks free of charge to children, who were then encouraged to take a picture with the mask and post on social media with the help of a parent or guardian. The campaign was set to run for a total of three weeks, with each week offering a Millions hamper as a prize for the best social media post. Not only were the masks distributed across Scottish stores, they were also delivered to the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, Craigmarloch School and Morton in the Community. The children were all very appreciative and loved wearing the masks. The Millions team are delighted that they have been able to encourage kids to stay safe and bring some happiness to what has been a difficult time for us all.