In August 2019, The Golden Casket Group launched another brand new Millions flavour and partnership – Banana Minions Millions. After working with Universal successfully in the past, The Golden Casket Group were eager to partner up again and create another fantastic product.

Minions are small yellow characters with goggles and blue dungarees which first appeared in Universals Despicable Me franchise in 2010. Since then the Minions have become an entertainment industry powerhouse, grossing $1.59 billion worldwide with their own origin-story film Minions in 2015. In 2016, the Minions became the official mascot of Universal Studios and went on to dominate the social media world with internet memes and hashtags. As a result, Minions have become a staple in global pop culture. Universal used the popularity of these characters as an opportunity to partner with many well-known brands such as; Amazon, Tic Tac, Converse, McDonalds and most importantly – Millions.

Banana Minions Millions can be found in four of The Golden Casket Groups product lines, 30 pack tubes, 18 pack tubes, gift jars and weight out jars. Originally this launch would have went hand-in-hand with the new film Minions 2: The Rise Of Gru, which was due to be released in June 2020 but was pushed back due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This will now be released on July 16th 2021.