Not Everyone can produce an old fashioned taste of yesterday for today

Those who have been in the confectionery industry for some length of time will recall the famous Gibb claim that they were the Rolls Royce of boiled sweets. It was and remains a very reasonable claim. The combination of real flavours and perfect design sets Gibb apart from most weigh out jar ranges on the market.

Specialities such as satins, hard boiled balls, sherbet straws and rhubarb rock speak of an age when a gift of confectionery really meant something. Cooked slowly in open copper pans to seal in flavour and enhance taste, these sweets are then caramelised and hand-striped to perfection. Only highly skilled craftsmen can produce these products to the high standards found amongst the Gibb range and their abilities are among the most highly prized assets of Golden Casket.

This range is unwrapped and available in weigh out jars. If you are interested in stocking our Gibb range, please contact us at

After Dinner Mints

Berwick Cockles

Chocolate Lime Satins

Chocolate Satins

Cinnamon Balls

Clove Rock

Edinburgh Rock

Fruit Buds

Fruit Rounders

Ginger Creams

Liquorice Satins

Mixed Balls

Mixed Boilings

Sherbet Straws

Rhubarb Rock

Soor Plooms

Summer Creams

Blue Raspberry Bon Bons

Strawberry Bon Bons

Cola Cubs