In 2019 The Golden Casket Group celebrated 60 years in businessStarting from humble beginnings our company has grown massively over the last 60 years – creating some of the worlds most recognised confectionery brands along the way. 

The Golden Casket Group was founded in 1959 by Douglas Rae, back when sweets were less than 6p per quarter and milk was 4p per pint. Douglas set out with £100 in his pocket and formed his own limited company to market confectionery. Within 5 years, three full-time sales staff had been engaged so that full coverage of Scotland could be offered to companies seeking an exclusive confectionery distributor for ScotlandGrowth continued and by 1968 Douglas Rae had 12 salesmen operating in central Scotland giving an annual turnover of just over £500,000. The Golden Casket Group turned its attention to manufacturing confectionery after the Fuller’s takeover in 1971 which seen the York plant being transferred to Greenock. Turnover continued to increase due to the successful acquisition of many other companies such as; Buchanan’s Of Scotland, Gilda BV, Drysdale & Gibb, Hills of Hawick and Caramel House ltd.  

In 1990, a new product range called ‘Millions’ was born, the tiny tasty chewy sweets, available in multiple different flavours became an instant success. Through innovative marketing and presentation the Millions brand is continuing to grow in today’s market place. TV campaigns, a website, licensing opportunities and more have helped towards the growth of the Millions brand, Sandra Fisher, Sales and Marketing Director has been responsible for much of this growth. Simultaneously with the introduction of Milllions, another product range which also prospered was Half Pounders, formerly known today as £OnePounders 

Over the years, the turnover of The Golden Casket Group has increased and is now one of the most successful confectionery companies and the largest in Scotland. This is due to the constant investment in new machinery & product development. Innovation has always been at the heart of The Golden Casket Group and it is the marrying of tradition and modernity that is the key to our success.  

Douglas remained at the helm for 58 years before retiring. His son Crawford, now the Managing Director, his son-in-law Dave Finch, Operations Director and three grandchildren, Stuart, Martin and Carly all playing key roles within the business. Our staff, many with over 20 years’ service, will tell you that ‘the Casket’ has a family feel to it, that sense of belonging and of family values which is well known in the confectionery industry. The mix of old and new; perfect ingredients to ensure The Golden Casket Group will keep growing for years to come and continue to delight consumers all over the world.