April 2021

Aldi Backs Iron Brew Jelly Babies


After the successful launch of Golden Caskets Millions Iron Brew Jelly Babies in January, Aldi have announced this week they will be listing the product as part of their core range across 96 Scottish Stores. The product was first launched as part of the supermarkets Next Top Product Award and impressively sold out in less [...]

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Millions Big Cover-Up


In March 2021, Golden Casket launched the #MillionsBigCoverUp, a social media campaign created to encourage children to wear face masks. The idea behind the campaign was to ‘make staying safe more fun’ through our fun and colourful mask designs. The Sales and Marketing team distributed 10,000 Millions masks to over 80 stores across the country. [...]

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New Millions Strawberry and Bubblegum Squishies


In February 2021, Golden Casket launched another brand new addition to the Millions brand – Millions Strawberry and Bubblegum Squishies! After investing heavily in a state of the art gum and jelly plant a few years ago, it was inevitable jelly lines would be introduced to expand the Millions product range. Millions Squishies are the [...]

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February 2021

Iron Brew Jelly Babies


In January 2021, The Golden Casket Group launched a brand new addition to the Millions brand – Iron Brew Jelly Babies! After having great success with the award winning Vimto Jelly Babies in 2019, it was only logical to create more to add to the growing product range. The Golden Casket Group launched the Iron [...]

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Ellen’s retirement after 22 years


It is a sad yet exciting start to the new year here at Golden Casket as we say goodbye to of one of our much loved office staff – Ellen McNaul. Ellen has been a committed member of our office and admin function for over 22 years. After joining Golden Casket in 1998, Ellen was [...]

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November 2020

Kantar Table


We received some great news regarding our beloved Buchanan’s brand in September this year. The brand has moved up 11 places in the Kantar Scottish Brand Footprint 2020 rankings, now at 17th position which is an astonishing jump from last year’s ranking of 28th. We are extremely proud of this achievement and of the staff [...]

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Celebrating 60 years of Golden Casket


In 2019 The Golden Casket Group celebrated 60 years in business. Starting from humble beginnings our company has grown massively over the last 60 years - creating some of the worlds most recognised confectionery brands along the way.  The Golden Casket Group was founded in 1959 by Douglas Rae, back when sweets were less than 6p per quarter and milk was 4p per pint. Douglas set out with [...]

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The Grocer – Best New Product Award


In 2019, the Golden Casket won the prestigious ‘Grocer - Best New Product Award’ for our juicy Vimto Jelly Babies. The Grocer New Product Awards is an annual event which rewards outstanding innovation in the UK FMCG sector in both non-food and food categories. This event is the place to be to learn about [...]

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A ‘Brewtiful’ New Flavour


In September 2019, The Golden Casket Group launched Iron Brew Millions and a feisty new character - Ron Brew, a small ginger haggis with a wild personality. Iron Brew Millions were created with the company’s Scottish heritage in mind, the company was founded and still operates from Greenock in the west coast of Scotland. [...]

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Launch of Banana Millions – Minions partnership


In August 2019, The Golden Casket Group launched another brand new Millions flavour and partnership – Banana Minions Millions. After working with Universal successfully in the past, The Golden Casket Group were eager to partner up again and create another fantastic product. Minions are small yellow characters with goggles and blue dungarees which first [...]

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