Golden Casket is one of the largest and most innovative confectionery specialists in the UK. Our ‘Millions’ brand celebrated its 25th birthday in 2016 along with £onepounders which has grown and grown to have now over 65 different varieties in its range.

The estate where all production, warehousing and offices are based was purchased in 2016 by Douglas Rae to ensure the continued future of the company for his family and employees. There is also constant investment in machinery & plant and our production team have added over the last year a gum and jelly plant. We are always striving to grow and continue delighting our customers worldwide.

You would be forgiven for thinking we are an old fashioned company. Certainly our values are traditional with great attention paid to keeping the taste & quality consistent & customer service always top and foremost. Yet Golden Casket is full of new ideas, looking forward & upwards all the time. Innovation is at the heart of Golden Casket and it is the marrying of tradition and modernity that is the key to our success.

We are a family owned and run company. We now have the third generation of the Rae family working in different departments within the company from sales and marketing to production. Our staff, many with over 20 years service, will tell you that ‘the Casket’ has a family feel to it. That sense of belonging and of family values is well known in the confectionery industry.

The mix of old and new; perfect ingredients to ensure Golden Casket and will keep growing for years to come and delighting consumers all over the world.

Founder: Douglas Rae


Managing Director of Manufacturing: Crawford Rae
Chocolatier Manager: Martin Rae

Sales & Franchise Manager: Stuart Rae

Sales and Marketing Assistant: Carly Rae

Operations Director: Dave Finch