In September 2019, The Golden Casket Group launched Iron Brew Millions and a feisty new character – Ron Brew, a small ginger haggis with a wild personality. Iron Brew Millions were created with the company’s Scottish heritage in mind, the company was founded and still operates from Greenock in the west coast of Scotland. The Iron Brew flavour is known as something that is traditionally Scottish and famous for its zingy unique taste. The Golden Casket Groups Warehouse Manager Kenny Malcolm had this to say about the new flavour: “We make them here in the factory and personally I think the new flavour is great! It’s related to Scotland and that’s what we were going for, people in other countries may not know much about the flavour, so it is good that we are getting it out there”. The Golden Casket Group celebrated the launch with a huge £500 giveaway in partnership with Radio Clyde which helped get the new flavour known throughout west and central Scotland.

Iron Brew Millions are available now in shelf-ready cases of 30 x 40g tubes ‘ginger’ coloured outers that introduce new Millions character Ron Brew. The Iron Brew Millions are Vegetarian, Vegan friendly and gluten – free. Sandra Fisher, The Golden Casket Groups Sales and Marketing Director, said this when asked about adding Iron Brew Millions to the range: “We have other Iron Brew products, such as pastilles and bon bons, in our Buchanan’s range, which are hugely popular. It’s an iconic Scottish flavour and one that over the years we’ve always been asked for and so far, the indications are that it’s going to be a very good addition to the Millions Range”. The sales team are working hard to sell Iron Brew Millions into stores nationwide, as well as exporting to countries outside the UK. We at Golden Casket have found Iron Brew Millions to be an excellent addition to the Millions family and will plan to keep the flavour indefinitely.